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Objective One

The manufacturers of our buildings have a long history of providing kennels and catteries for the ministry and many of the rescue centres, so the general design and construction of our facilities will far exceed any boarding requirements. All of the kennels and cat lodges are individual units with their very own external covered run.

We have a fully computerised booking and data storage system, so we always have those important little details at hand. It helps us to prepare any special requirements in advance of an arrival, or merely just to recall which pen was most suitable for your pet on its' last visit.

We also record any medical requirements, if in the unfortunate situation that you're pet requires a vet inspection during a stay with us, we will always endeavour to use your normal vets practice. If this is not possible we always have Clifton Villa Veterinary Practice on 24 hour call.

Please remember up to date vaccination documents (including canine kennel cough) must be furnished upon arrival.

Each of the animals in our care will be fed individually, for which we stock a good selection of diets. But if you wish us to administer a special diet, please feel free to bring it with you.


Every dog in our care is walked twice daily on the many country walks that surround our farm, meandering through the beautiful Roseland Countryside. We feel regular walking is essential for the comfort of all dogs, in addition to country walks we have large contained runs for playtime and general exercise. We provide clean bedding but recommend you bring any favourite (soft) comfort item that will help to calm and relax them on arrival.

Our original kennel block houses 16 individual pens that are fully heated and ventilated. In this complex we have a mixture of single and double sized pens, all with individual internal sleeping areas and large undercover outside runs.

Our latest block of 20 ultra modern kennels was completed in 2008. These were built to our own design and constructed of materials never used before in kennel development. Almost 50% of the materials used came from recycled plastics, making us the greenest kennels you will probably find anywhere.

The sleeping areas have the luxury of heating and total insulation from the elements, in addition to a totally individual covered outside run. Each pen is almost double the regulation minimum size, so we can cater for the very largest of dogs, or multiples coming from the same household.


The cats enjoy the same level of comforts.

Each pen incorporates an internal, heated and ventilated sleeping pod, and all the cats have access to their own individual outside covered run.

The sleeping pods will be fitted out with clean bedding, under which will lie an additional heating pad, useful for those extra long cat naps. We also encourage owners to bring clean comfort items to help settle the cats into their new environment.

Pet Taxi Available

A collection and delivery service is available for your pet, please contact us for details and prices.
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